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What if you could transform the way fire
systems are designed, installed, monitored
and maintained with one powerful tool?

Honeywell Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS)
places connectivity at the heart of fire
safety, providing real-time visibility to drive
timely, accurate decision-making.

CLSS is an innovative all-in-one cloud platform for fire safety systems allowing systems integrators and facilities managers to deliver an improved service to end-users, while maximising the performance efficiencies offered by Honeywell’s leading fire detection and Alarm Systems.

CLSS offers indisputable compliance reports, including date stamped records of inspections, corrective actions and engineer credentials, giving building managers peace of mind that they are in full alignment with standards.


What if you could monitor your entire maintenance portfolio on one screen without leaving the office?

CLSS provides deep insight by device, building, client, city or globally. System age, health and status information enables more efficient maintenance planning as well as real-time monitoring of system events.


What if you could better help your engineers avoid delays on site and be sure they had the right parts in the van?

CLSS enables engineers to understand their next site visit before they attend site. Detailed system status information can be viewed increasing first time fix rates and maintenance performance.


What if you could provide digital compliance reports easily to provide proof that service and maintenance activities have been completed?

CLSS provides you with a consolidated view of your customers’ systems and insight into progress of planned maintenance plus the ability to create store and share regulatory and non-regulatory reports at a touch of a button.

Today, organisations across the fire safety value chain are under pressure to achieve more with fewer resources.

Meanwhile, the risk of safety incidents remains the same and compliance obligations are becoming more onerous. Find out how CLSS can help you address these challenges in our sales brochure.

Download the brochure to find out how CLSS delivers efficiencies at every stage of a fire system’s lifecycle.

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