Data is aggregated from our wireless ecosystem of hardware including: a color touch screen thermostat, a Smart IO module, and an array of wireless sensors, into a secure cloud-based dashboard that focuses on: Occupant Comfort, Operational Productivity and Portfolio Management.

Occupant Comfort

Easily set global schedules to optimize comfort settings and let your system maintain them for you. Use the Comfort Index to quickly identify stores with climate control issues across your portfolio to focus your efforts where is matters most.

Operational Productivity

Measure, manage and optimize energy usage across the portfolio to identify and correct inefficient sites with an intuitive dashboard showing alerts and trends. Wide range of sensing capability allows for custom solution for your application.

Portfolio Management

Stay connected to all of your building locations from anywhere with intuitive central building management, scalable from tens to thousands of sites. Open industry protocols allowing for easy future expansion and integration.

Secure Access

Built in cybersecurity that meets strict standards from Honeywell and industry organizations. Centrally or regionally manage alarms efficiently to highlight the highest priority issues for resolution.

Remote Enablement

Easy Comfort Control via any mobile enabled device. Manage schedules by country, regions, site or equipment level, increase schedule compliance and energy savings.


Simple to install, configure and deploy with little to no down time. Wireless hardware allows for a non intrusive installation. Cloud connected solution that can scale quickly across an entire building portfolio.

How it works

Built to Serve A Wide Range of Businesses Like Yours

View all of your sites at once — across the country, or around the globe. The Honeywell Small and Medium Building Administrator system is customizable, so you have quick access to the information most important to you.

Full System Multisite Control at your Fingertips

Customize the all-in-on dashboard by choosing what to measure at each site and tie in other systems. Enabled by a Smart Edge Gateway, easily add additional locations or devices as you grow.



A cloud-based Web UI platform that provides real-time information. Enables user to manage sites through scheduling, alerts and monitoring for energy savings from reduced operating costs and extended asset life cycles.



Temperature control device that monitors and controls the environment automatically. Connected to RTU through a wired network. RTU is a microprocessor-controlled device which performs the functions of AHU, chiller and boiler.


Smart IO

An input/output device performing the functions of the expansion IO to connect with simple devices to perform on/off functions. It's connected to the gateway through wireless networks, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.



A variety of field sensors for sensing purpose with wireless capability directly feed the readings to the supervisor. The sensors include, but are not limited to, temperature + humidity, lighting level and ultra sonic liquid level.


Honeywell Connect | Mobile

Honeywell Connect | Mobile is an intuitive app that helps design, configure and commission the devices supported by the system, such as Gateways, Wireless I/O, Thermostats and Remote Sensors. Search "Honeywell Connect Mobile" in your app store to download.



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