Helping to deliver truly ‘flexible spaces’*

What if you could control your healthcare space in such a way that you could make more of your spaces fit your latest needs, or perhaps deploy unused space to free up pressure in other critical areas?

For example:
  • Utilising ICU rooms for standard operations.
  • Developing flexible use wards, i.e. changing from recovery to pandemic-ready at short notice.
  • Creating isolation rooms from unused spaces/rooms in care facilities.
Trend’s suite of comprehensive solutions is designed to help you meet your healthcare demands, from air quality improvement checklists, to reducing healthcare-associated infections via controls, filters, cleaners, and UV cleaning – all of which can be centrally monitored and controlled locally or remotely.

* This refers to an article by Laura Spinney .. ‘Hospitals without walls: the future of healthcare’ published in The Observer on 2 January 2021. Article link

Why Choose Trend?

Demanding times need a flexible, proven and rapidly deployable offering to help you deliver your objectives. We have a comprehensive, end to end solution which ensures your healthcare facility is operating efficiently at all times.

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Air Quality - Make Health a Key Performance Indicator for your building 0:53 sec

Maintenance - Reduce the long term cost of maintenance 0:45 sec

Efficiency - Maximise operational effectiveness and energy efficiency 0:53 sec


Keeping patients and staff safe through intelligent integration 0:43 sec

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