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How the reopening will affect your building?

Healthy, sustainable and flexible buildings not only require advanced Building Management Systems, they also need to be intelligently designed and properly implemented. Their ultimate success is dependent on the effective incorporation of forward-thinking system integrators, both pre- and post-occupancy. It’s only when the system’s design team is fully involved in the wider project that the greatest benefit can be delivered.

And it’s not just a matter of delivering today’s tech – there needs to be a clear and cost-effective upgrade path. This requires specialist knowledge and access to best-in-class hardware and software. It also needs to be properly planned from the outset of a project – these are no ‘bolt on’ technologies; this is core functionality. To ensure a building project fully returns on its investment it is essential to talk to Trend today, click here to get in contact.

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There are three broad trends that all building managers need to address.

The first is the demand for healthy buildings, which predominantly centres around air quality, temperature and humidity. Second is growing demand for sustainable, energy efficient, low carbon buildings. And finally, there’s a need for buildings to deliver a high degree of flexibility so they can accommodate the variable needs of occupants: daily, weekly and into the future.

Healthy buildings are designed to improve comfort, confidence and productivity of the people who use them.

Indoor Air Quality will now be a crucial factor for employees and should form part of the energy, wellbeing and safety strategies of every mechanical ventilation installation - new buildings or retrofit projects. Our experts can help you manage your built environment and to plan for future requirements.


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