Smart Room Control

Contemporary smart room controller with a bright and clear room backlit display with capacitive touch keys, delivering convenience, comfort and energy management.

Intuitive Experience

User-friendly, easy to understand icon touch keys with dedicated keys for Temperature, Humidity, Lights and Blind controls ensures an intuitive user experience for employees and guests and advanced settings for Facility and Building management for greater control.

Intelligent Solution

A single sophisticated device along with Honeywell room controllers unifies the display and control of temperature, fans, blinds and lighting replacing traditional wall clutter and reducing the cost and installation of multiple displays and switches.

Sophisticated Design

Created for design conscious commercial buildings, available in black or white, with or without the Honeywell logo.

Occupant Safety

The bezel-less glass screen minimises dust accumulation and is easy to clean and disinfect, helping ensure the user’s safety and hygiene.

Hospitality Sector

Custom designed version for the hotel industry incorporating Do not Disturb and Clean my Room functionality for an impeccable guest experience. Bespoke configuration enables hotel management to monitor and record when rooms are cleaned.

Air Quality Monitoring for HEALTHY BUILDINGS

In addition to onboard Temperature and Humidity sensors with the help of external sensors TR80 can also monitor Outdoor and Indoor Air quality (IAQ) parameters such as CO2, TVOC, PM2.5 and PM10, redefining occupants’ experience of a safe and healthy environment. When combined with Honeywell RESET certified IAQ sensors TR80 can help customer improve their WELL Healthy Building certification level.

Honeywell’s white paper on Anatomy of Healthy Building explores and explains the importance of Air Quality and how it impacts the spread of viruses – click here for more information!

  • A fully configurable wall module with maximum functionality combining various HVAC control strategies and Fan modes
  • Integrated Light & Blind control. Saving costs in each room by not installing additional switches and associated wiring for Lights and Blinds
  • Contemporary touchscreen integrated room control system for smart healthy buildings
  • Various Occupancy modes and configurable HVAC modes not just improves occupant comfort but helps building owner save cost by energy conservation
  • Easy integration with Honeywell room controls. Application templates for SBC and Centraline controllers to quick start your Integrated Room Automation Project
  • The bezel-less designed glass screen is easy to clean and disinfect, helping ensure the user’s safety and hygiene
  • Direct DALI64 Modbus interface simplifies the light control

Key Features
  • On Board Temperature and Humidity sensors
  • Display Outdoor and Indoor air quality with external sensors
  • Fan Modes: EC Fan, 3 Speed, 2Speed and 1 Speed
  • Heat-Cool Modes and up to two heat and cool source selection
  • Ten Dynamic backlit capacitive touch keys
  • Various Occupancy Modes (Occupied, Unoccupied, Bypass, Away, Holiday)
  • Light control up to 4 groups with option to control DALI64 Modbus directly
  • Sun Blind control up to 2 groups with or without angle control
  • 'Do not Disturb' and 'Make up Room' options for the hospitality sector
  • Available in 24V AC/DC and 230V AC versions for easy of power


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